How to attract clients with your website copy: Part 1

Know your target audience

If you are reading this post, it is likely you’re putting together a website for your therapy practice and are seeking advice about how to write website copy that will attract new clients. When writing copy for a therapy website, the main goal is to relate authentically to your website visitors in a way that resonates with them and inspires them to contact you.

As a starting point, think about who your target audience is. Ask yourself who you want to attract to your counselling practice: who are your ideal clients? Which client group do you find most rewarding to work with and who do you have most success with? The clearer you are about your target audience and their problems, the easier it will be to speak to them through your website copy.

Relate to your prospective clients

Writing in a warm, informal conversational style helps to build a connection with prospective clients and increase the chances that they will get in touch with you. Speak directly to your prospective clients; use “you” rather than “they” or “we”. It might help to imagine sitting with your ideal client and talking to him/her about how you can help them to address their problems. People generally go to therapy because they have a particular concern or a problem that they want solved. They are hurting in some way and want to know if you can help alleviate their pain. Tell them what specific issues you work with, so that they can see that you are likely to be able to help them. Empathise with their pain so that they feel understood and so that they feel more inclined to choose you as their therapist.

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