What is hosting?

An image of a house, as an analogy of web hosting Think of your website as a house. Just as a house must have an address and a piece of land on which it is built, a website needs both a domain name (the address) and some webspace (the plot of land) on which it can be built.

Just as I would need your address in order to visit your house, if I wanted to visit your website, I would need to know your domain name. I could either ask you for this, or find it in a directory or search engine, eg Google. The domain name of a website is what you see after the “http://www”; eg the domain name of this website is therapysites.co.uk.

When you rent your WordPress hosting from us, we will register a .co.uk or .org.uk domain name for you (if required), free of charge, and will manage that for you. You will need to pay to renew this after the first year at a cost of £7.99 for the next year (it is possible to pay in advance for more than one year if you prefer).

Your host

Just as a house has to be built on a plot of land, your website has to be built on something. When you pay for hosting, you are renting space on a web server. You are also paying for someone to maintain this space; this is the equivalent of having a gardener and a maintenance man who will keep your fences in order so that they protect you from intruders.

Our hosting

As your hosting provider, we work hard to resolve problems, keep your webspace up and running and protect it from attack from malware and viruses.

Our WordPress hosting includes daily plugin updates, weekly and monthly backups and troubleshooting any system problems that might affect the performance of your site.

Our WordPress hosting packages start from £50 per year for a standard sole trader website. We provide 2GB of web space, which is generally ample for a small to medium-sized business. If you require more, please contact us for a quote.